Congratulations on your quest to discover the unknown!

Your journey begins in the days of old, when a wizard, also known as The Magician, was on a secret quest by appointment of a noble medieval house.

The Wizard became known throughout all four corners of the world and his stories legendary. Tales of magical elixirs that could make the drinker immortal and could turn anything into gold wowed adventurers for years to come. However, one day he suddenly disappeared and all his secrets with him…that is, until an explorer discovered the one thing he left behind!

After years of searching the explorer found a hidden message within a deck of Tarot cards that would lead him to a mysterious cave in Madagascar.

Upon the entrance was a golden serpent, eating its own tail, an oroborous! Along it's scales were 9 crevices into which something could be placed. Fixed to the centre was a scroll:

Dear explorer,

Do you have all that you seek? Nine coins of gold must be placed upon me before you can enter.

Your cup overfloweth! You must go back to where you started and follow the clues. They will provide you with all you need.

Succeed and the elixir is yours to have or share with the world...

Good luck,
The Magician.

…And now, dear explorer, it is your turn to discover the Unknown.