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What is Wizard's Gold?

Wizard's Gold is not a gin, rum, vodka or whiskey. We wanted to stand out from the crowd and create something unique. We are lovers of all spirits but not everyone wants a shot that blows your socks off! So we decided to make our own category in the world of alcohol. We've all been there in a situation such as a work do and someone walks over with a tray of shots (usually strong and not tasty) and your heart sinks, the idea with Wizard's Gold is you look forward to the shot rather than dreading it.

Why Madagascan Vanilla?

When the team at Wizard's Gold HQ sat down to discuss what flavour our spirit was going to be we all said at the same time vanilla! The reason is because nearly every single human on this planet enjoys and loves anything vanilla flavoured. It had to be Madagascan vanilla, as we know that the best highest quality is grown in Madagascar.

Why 18% ABV?

We wanted to create a spirit that is an enjoyable shot but also works extremely well with certain mixers, such as ginger beer where the vanilla and the strength is a winning combination. A shot of something should add to your evening and not end it.

Why the bottle?

All of our team has a home bar, and when we look for a new bottle of spirit to add to our collection we all agree we look for the most unusual looking bottle, and we believe that's what we have created.

Why 23K Gold?

When researching drinks that involve real gold, the few we found use flakes. As we like to be different we thought, what if the gold was ground so fine it gives off an elixer like feel. As soon as we watched the 23K Gold move and dance around our bottle, we fell in love. We are the very first in the world to use 23K Gold in this way, the absolute finest.