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Wizard's Gold®

Wizard's Gold®

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Wizard's Gold is an all-natural, premium Madagascan vanilla spirit, enriched with the finest 23K GOLD.

It's not a gin, rum, vodka or a whiskey, Wizard's Gold is in a class of its own. Delicious & aromatic with a smooth, moreish vanillary finish.

Enjoy neat as a shot or try one of our enchanted recipes

Buy 2 bottles of Wizard's Gold for free UK tracked shipping.

100% Vegan certified
All-natural ingredients
 Made with real 23K GOLD
Eco packaging & plastic free
 Distilled & bottled in the UK

18% ABV, 
20cl Bottle = 8 shots

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The Cauldron

Wizard's Gold is now available exclusively in all The Cauldron UK venues

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