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Tarot Cards | The Original Rider Waiter Tarot Deck

Tarot Cards | The Original Rider Waiter Tarot Deck

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The Original Rider Waite Tarot is the most popular and widely used tarot card deck in the world!

The 78-card Rider Waite tarot deck was designed by Pamela Colman Smith in accordance with A. E. Waite's instructions.

An instructional booklet is included, explaining the tarot card meanings and how to use the cards for divination.


Arthur Edward Waite an American-born British poet was a celebrated writer on occult topics and a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. His strong interest in magic and divination led to him designing and co-creating the famous Rider Waite Tarot deck.


Pamela Colman Smith was born in England to American parents. Her childhood years were spent between London, New York and Kingston, Jamaica. She was an illustrator mainly of books, pamphlets and posters too. Under the guidance of A. E. Waite, she undertook a series of seventy-eight allegorical paintings described by Waite as a 'rectified' tarot pack. The designs, published in the same year by William Rider and Son, exemplify the mysticism, ritual, imagination, fantasy and deep emotions of the artist.

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